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Therapeutic treatment of the anal and perianal mucosa
Internal use

Hemopran protective endorectal suppositories are recommended as preventive treatment and as an adjuvant in the treatment of the internal hemorrhoids and of other anorectal disorders.

Thanks to the presence of Hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera,
Hemopran suppositories exert a protective, emollient and filming action, while helping
to restore hydration and lubrication and encourage the physiological
repair processes of mucous membranes.

The pool of plant extracts improves microcirculation and
have a potent antioxidant activity.

Hemopran protective endorectal suppositories are

Hemopran is a natural treatment designed to act at the
origin of the disease and to relieve symptoms

Effective for:

· Hemorrhoidal varices
· Proctitis also due to radiation
· Acute and chronic fissures and rhagades
· Abscesses and pain due to fistulas

Directions for use:


Insert 1 Hemopran endorectal suppository into the rectum in the evening, for 7 days or according to your doctor’s advice.